»Just a satisfied customer of today is a loyal customer for tomorrow«

MasterSped is setting standards with high quality, tailor-made, customer-oriented and cost effective transportation solutions with 15 years of experience.

As service provider we are able to choose the best

available transportation solutions for our customers.


We are a business company that has been specialized in transports from Europe to Turkey, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Caucasus and the regions of Central Asia and vice versa. Long lasting Know-how and a close network of partners in the target countries enable us to offer an all-around customer-oriented service.


For a successful transport to above mentioned destinations are especially a high degree of Know-how, experience and a great adaptability to the local conditions necessary. We have the required expertise and experience - because quality of service is what really counts.


In today’s highly competitive markets even a small competitive advantage can make the difference. That’s why we offer you a full range of products and services designed to help you maximize your business potential.